We at Yes Telecom are always on the lookout for quality reseller partners who want to provide their own customers with the best quality brands, products and service. Yes Telecom is well-known for being a leading tier-two operator, importer and distributor in South Africa offering cellular and mobile data hardware devices to both independent dealers, large retailers as well as the consumer market via e-commerce.

We create value by leveraging the company's many strengths. These include its global partnerships with OEM and manufacturers within the fields of mobile technologies & devices and local GSM network operators, offering a strong and effective national and international cross-border logistics structure for stock and delivery.

Yes Telecom is a highly productive entity that provides a unique focus on delivering innovative mobile solutions and simple connectivity via top branded devices that improve the way people live, socialise and work.

We have an open-door policy with our re-seller partners and actively support them in achieving sustainable business growth via Yes Telecom by retaining consistent committment to the ever challenging increase in product costings and service delivery.

Through years of experience and hard work, we have developed a detailed understanding of the markets and our customers’ needs for “the right product at the right time, at the right price, in stock”, also whilst offering personalised service via management and staff that are always available to assist with your needs and those of your customers.

Yes Telecom maintains core company values being “respect, integrity, pride, trust, honesty, and loyalty" to customer value and service.

Yes Telecom culture is one of "openness, teamwork and shared accountability".

Dedicated to creating genuine customer value and service, we are always looking to extend our reach to consumers via a network of like-minded re-seller partners.

To become a Yes Telecom re-seller partner, simply contact our call center.


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